Real Andorra lifestyle


Real Andorra lifestyle Andorra opens its economy to foreign investment, with the possibility since July 2012 of creating societies with a 100% of foreign capital. In this framework of economic opening, the mission of MASSANDOR is to carry out the economic promotion of Andorra to attract and welcome foreign investors, as well as to diversify the national economy via new sectors with added value.

Andorra is a country of opportunities when it comes to business and life.

Andorra, the door to europe.

Even though it isn’t a member state, Andorra is a strategic enclave inside the European Union, as well as an ideal place to implant companies willing to do business with Europe or the whole world.

Andorra, the winning option

The Andorran taxation system has a more advantageous direct taxation compared to that of the neighbouring countries when it comes to its reach and its tax rates. The direct taxation is of about 10%.

Andorra, expanding the economy

Nowadays a foreign company can invest, place delegations or set up corporate headquarters with 100% of the capital. The guarantee of being a neutral country without an army allows us to welcome the new entrepreneurs and the business world.

If you want to live in andorra

Any legal person can establish his or her principal and effective residency in the Principality of Andorra. The first authorization is for one year, it can be renewed for two 3-year periods and then every 10 years.

Andorra and the real estate: a rare good

75% of the Andorran territory is of public ownership and usage, and thus the non-edificability of the land keeps the private value in a safe and lasting warrantee level.

Requirements for a passive residency:

  • Provable economic autonomy, no criminal records and good practices.
  • 50.000€ deposit at the INAF (Andorran Finance Institute) for the main resident + 10.000€ for each person in charge.
  • 400.000€ investment in assets located in the country.

Quality of life: Very few countries can compete against Andorra’s economic and natural advantages, especially in terms of quality of life for the people and the families.

Andorra offers:

Security for all citizens Three educational systems (Andorran, French and Spanish) to choose The highest life expectancy rate in the world A quality health system The country of ski and nature-related leisure Caldea, the biggest thermoludic centre in southern Europe The richness of its historical and cultural heritage Natural heritage at the heart of the Pyrenees Shopping: the most profitable shopping area in Europe all year long Quality traditional and international gastronomy A good climate A per capita income higher than the EU average

A country full of simplicity

Due to the several advantages in the economy, the tax system and the quality of life, Andorra is a country of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The Andorran government has currently established a series of legislative measures to encourage investment and the creation of businesses. These measures include:

  • the new Company Act (Llei de Societats), which regulates the behaviour of companies in the Principality in each modality (Limited company or Corporation).
  • the new Accounting Act (Llei de Comptabilitat), which establishes the accounting requirements of Andorran companies, as well as the resulting responsibilities.
  • the new Foreign Investment Act (Llei d’Inversió Estrangera), which establishes the possibilities for foreign capital investment in the companies and activities of the Principality

In order to support these legislative changes, the Andorran government has established a welcoming plan so as to guide investors in their creation of new companies in the Principality

MASSANDOR carries out a useful program which offers the following services for entrepreneurs:

  • Sectorial research: MASSANDOR will carry out a sectorial study for the entrepreneur; this will allow him to visualise the opportunities and alternatives of his business model in Andorra.
  • Visit program: MASSANDOR offers to manage some visit days and meetings to allow the entrepreneur to get to know the economic and social agents of Andorra so as to create synergies.
  • Advising service: once the commercial society is created, MASSANDOR proposes an advising service to tackle all the questions that might affect the everyday life in the business.

Facility services Massandor

There is a network of professional consultants who can offer you:

legal services financial services international business services fiscal services human resources services intellectual property services customs services real estate services

Andorra the country of the Pyrenees

Andorra is an independent state located in southwest Europe between Spain and France, with an area of 468 km2 and a history that goes back more than a thousand years. Famed around the world for its ski resorts, shops with very low taxes and modern hotel and service infrastructure, as well as its international brand center and nature-related activities, Andorra receives around eight million visitors every year.


Andorra is also a paradise for nature-lovers: 90% of the country is occupied by forests.


Andorra has a dry high mountain climate, with low temperatures in winter and mild in summer. Thanks to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, days are usually sunny.


According to the 2012 census, Andorra has a population of 78,000, with an average age of 39.6 years.


The official currency is the euro (€). Andorra will start minting euros in 2014.


Andorra is a lay state. The Constitution enshrines the rights of religious freedom. Nonetheless, most of the population is Catholic.

Geographic situation


The official language of Andorra is Catalan. However, Spanish and French are all commonly used due to geographic proximity and cultural, historical and economic exchanges. English is spoken in the commercial and financial areas

Andorra in figures

Population: 78.000 habitants Hotel establishments: 315 Hotel beds: +39.000 Ski slopes : 300 km Shopping: +1.000


Andorra is also known for having the biggest thermoludic centre of southern Europe, as well as the Inúu centre

Andorra also possesses the two most important skiing resorts in the Pyrenees, Grandvalira and Vallnord, as well as a cross-country resort in La Rabassa. The combination of natural heritage, skiing resorts and the commercial sector, with more interesting prices compared to neighboring countries attracts more than 11.5 millions of visitors every year.

Andorra, a heritage

After a thousand years of history, Andorra has known how to preserve a rich architectural heritage and also its ancestral traditions, which identify our country and help to prove its origins.

Located at the heart of the Pyrenees, Andorra has an extraordinary natural richness. A paradigm can be found at the Madriu valley, which was declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO in 2004 as a cultural site. There are also several routes for the whole family, via ferrata routes and a network of free mountain shelters throughout the country which are open all year long.

Andorran Institutions

These are the Andorran institutions:


The General Council It has the executive power and is composed of the Head of Government and the ministers. The Head of Government is chosen by the General Council and controls Andorra’s national and international politics, as well as the State’s administration and exercises the regulatory authority.


The Government It’s the most important representative organ. It has the legislative power, approves the budget of the Government and it impulses and controls the latter’s political action. The General Council is composed of 28 members, chosen by universal suffrage for a 4-year term.


Els Comuns Andorra is divided into seven parishes, which have political and administrative powers. By order of protocol, the seven parishes are: Canillo, Encamp, Ordino, La Massana, Andorra la Vella, Sant Julià de Lòria and Escaldes-Engordany. The administrative building is known as the Commune (which acts by the means of its Council). Each Commune has the power to represent and administrate the interests of the parishes, approving and executing their budgets, establishing and implementing public policies and managing and administrating their assets.

  • CO-PRINCES - Head of State
  • GENERAL COUNCIL -Parliament
  • GOVERN -Executive power


Over the years, we have managed to cover practically all the needs that the changing world of the property market has presented. Gaining our clients’ trust, guaranteeing a return on their investment, maintaining their properties in impeccable state and managing all their requirements, including taking legal measures on their behalf... We are located in the parish of La Massana, but our property world embraces the entire Principality and our client portfolio is international. Our clients can rest easy, as we are an integrated service company, pioneers in the sector in Andorra and unique in the full range of services we provide.


We have expanded from providing accommodation to supplying and managing all our clients’ needs within the property world. We have expanded from operating on the domestic market with clients who came to Andorra with specific business in mind to opening up our entire country, in all its sectors, to the diverse, international market embodied by the new Andorran society. Nowadays, real estate per se has become just a small part of our business.


Our motto is to provide excellence in treatment and service. Our sincere concern for our country and the environment and for people requires us to take an ever more professional approach and to ensure constantly higher standards of transparency, rigour and efficiency.

We believe in committing to our own clients

Our straight, simple approach, based on the search for excellence and client recognition, is the main achievement that the whole team at Massandor strives to achieve in our day-to-day activities. Transparency and security are the two basic pillars on which we seek to reassure our clients and build their loyalty.


Administration Purchase and sale Renting Development Marketing Insurance Habitability Feasibility studies (urban development plans) Procedures

Purchase and sale (integrated service)

The commercial department strives constantly to adapt supply to demand, satisfying the needs of all parties as far as possible.

  • Intermediation and guidance to choose the best option in each case
  • Simplifying administrative bureaucracy by managing all requirements
  • Search throughout the market according to client demands
  • Cooperation with internal and external property companies
  • Our own and other marketing channels, based on the virtual property tools
  • Optimal yield from property for different uses: commercial, administrative, tourist, etc.
  • Free property valuation
  • Technical and legal support throughout the purchase or sale process
  • Investment in leased properties
  • Study of purchasing expectations on the property market
  • Feasibility studies for sites
  • Personalised management to help secure mortgages

Total service

Massandor is the leading rent management company in the Principality.

We have our own, varied portfolio of properties (flats and apartments, business premises, warehouses, etc.), as well as a large portfolio built up over time, thanks to the trust placed in us by many clients.

As a property investment, renting is made even more attractive by the services we provide for our clients

  • Regular property inspections
  • Search according to client needs and requirements
  • Negotiation of administrative formalities
  • Provision of permits and compliance with official requirements
  • Portfolio of flats and apartments throughout the Principality


Real estate:

  • Property management
  • Accountancy management
  • Presentation of tax statements
  • Accounts closing
  • Processing all official documents

Consulting and control services:

  • Property investment
  • Yield on property
  • Investment purchases
  • Diversification of real estate portfolio

We are your mana gers for: :

  • Legal services: lawyers
  • Document processing: the public administration
  • Architectural services: architects
  • Interior decoration services: interior decorators
  • Rehabilitation services: building companies

We are your administrators for: :

  • Rental management
  • Community management
  • Property management
  • 24-hour home assistance
  • Our own maintenance service
  • Online advice (coming soon)
  • Your insurance

We are the answer to your needs

  • There is a breakdown during the weekend. Who can we phone?
  • We can smell gas, there is a leak or the light or heating has gone off. Who should we call?
  • If a window is broken, who can get it repaired immediately?
  • The entry phone is not working. Who should we inform?
  • We’ve lost the house keys. What can we do?
  • The garage door won’t open. Who will help us to get our car out quickly?
  • The blinds won’t come down? What can we do?
  • It’s Christmas day and we have run out of fuel oil. Will we freeze to death?
  • Who clears the ramp when it snows?

Property management

Integrated maintenance service

  • Monthly readings of heating and hot water meters
  • Replacement of electrical supplies
  • Control of cleaning services and supply of products and materials
  • Employment of cleaning staff and management of Social Security payments
  • Control of lift and heating maintenance companies
  • Control of fuel supply (such as fuel oil), always seeking the best price
  • Regular visits to ensure that the property stays in optimum condition
  • Provision of estimates for any rehabilitation needs
  • Control and management of any works
  • Coordination and management of companies carrying out ordinary and extraordinary repairs of a community nature
  • Emergency telephone line outside office hours