Vision, Values

Vision, Values


Over the years, we have managed to cover practically all the needs that the changing world of the property market has presented. Gaining our clients’ trust, guaranteeing a return on their investment, maintaining their properties in impeccable style and managing all their requirements, including taking legal measures on their behalf…

We are located in La Massana parish, but our property world embraces the entire Principality and our client portfolio is international. Our clients can rest easy, as we are an integrated service company, pioneers in the sector in Andorra and unique in the full range of services we provide.


We have expanded from providing accommodation to supplying and managing all our clients’ needs within the property world. We have expanded from operating on the domestic market with clients who came to Andorra with specific business in mind to opening up our entire country, in all its sectors, to the diverse, international market embodied by the new Andorran society.

Nowadays, real estate per se has become just a small part of our business. “Facility Services” is the name that best defines our mission today. We are committed to covering all the property needs of the Family Office. In response to the constant evolution of our sector, we become ever more proactive in our business searches and innovative in our management and communication strategies.

The need to cover all the demands of a constantly-evolving market such as ours has made us watchful, and our activities in the cosmopolitan society that is Andorra today lead us towards internationalisation. An all-embracing property service company for a globalised world.


“Massandor, in accordance with the ethical and responsible behavior assumed in the exercise of his professional activity, gives full fulfillment to the legal and normative commitments of the valid Law 14/2017, of 22 June of prevention and fight against the laundering of money or securities and the financing of terrorism, as well as the international standard ISO 31000 Risk Management, which establishes recommendations in this matter.”

Our motto is to provide excellence in treatment and service. Our sincere concern for our country and the environment and for people requires us to take an ever more professional approach and to ensure constantly higher standards of transparency, rigour and efficiency.

By electing to work with companies and partners who share our values, we greatly increase both our own business potential and our clients’ trust and faith in us.