Private properties


Private properties


The company is equipped with the necessary computer programs to ensure appropriate accounting control. Two programs, Gesfincas and Gesinedit, enable our staff to keep up with all accounting details and present precise, accurate closing accounts. Besides the company’s own professional staff, we have formed partnerships with two auditing and consulting businesses to ensure that our work conforms to the highest standards and that we are immediately informed with regard to all regulatory and legislative changes that may occur. The accounting method is compatible with tax obligations, both within the Principality and beyond. In other words, our reports and statements conform to the requirements of European accounting standards.

Tax settlements

Independently of whether our clients have their own tax teams, our company works with two specialist businesses that are available to them so that they can comply with the responsibilities established under our country’s tax system. These companies advise clients regarding all requirements for the strictest compliance with the law and, above all, to ensure that payments are just and fair. For our part, working with prominent, quality companies in our country enables us to meet the highest professional standards, enabling our clients to rest assured and that their interests are in safe hands.

All management concerning horizontal properties:

  • Administration of the property on behalf of the owners
  • Ensuring 100% tenant occupation
  • Bill collection
  • Official accounting to submit statement to the Administration
  • Management of debtors and debt collection
  • Representation at community meetings
  • Completion of all necessary administrative procedures
  • Possibility of providing all independent services: legal, architectural, fiscal, etc.
  • Bank management service: bills, payments, settlements, etc.
  • Regular visits to ensure that the property stays in optimum condition
  • Solution of incidents (features damaged by use)
  • Constant monitoring of changes in laws and guidance by leading professionals
  • Office service, provision of meeting rooms and all necessary material
  • Mail and keys custody service
  • Switching heating on and off, according to building
  • Assistance over any community problems that may arise

As regards maintenance:

  • Regular visits to ensure that the property stays in optimum condition
  • Provision of estimates for changes in features (boilers, sanitary, partitions, etc.)
  • Own building service to immediately resolve any incident that might cause problems of security or temperature
  • Provision of estimates for any rehabilitation needs
  • Control and management of personnel required for any intervention