Property management


Property management

All management matters concerning horizontal properties:

  • Assistance over community problems
  • Minute-taking at meetings
  • Provision of meeting rooms
  • Regular contacts with residents and presidents
  • Accounting, spending provisions and budget control
  • Possibility of providing all independent services: legal, architectural, fiscal, etc.
  • Ensuring good relations amongst residents
  • Constant contact with owners to resolve any incidents that may arise
  • Request for estimates regarding possible property improvements
  • Control and monitoring to ensure that co-proprietors adhere to statutes
  • Announcement of Board meetings in ordinary and extraordinary sessions
  • Attendance at ordinary Board meetings during office hours and those starting between 9 am and 7 pm
  • Draft and submission of an annual report detailing community expenditure, balance and estimate for following year
  • Collection of amounts owing
  • Control of accounts and bank movements
  • Debt collection within the community
  • Payment of taxes and duties

As regards maintenance:

  • Supervision of cleaning, provision of products and bureaucratic management of staff
  • Supervision of lift inspections (carried out by a specialised company)
  • Supervision of inspections of heating and hot water system
  • Control of fuel supply (such as fuel oil), always seeking the best price
  • Regular inspection and replacement of electrical supplies
  • Regular visits to ensure that the property stays in optimum condition
  • Regular heating and hot water meter readings
  • Control and management of any works
  • Coordination and management of companies carrying out ordinary and extraordinary repairs of a community nature
  • Emergency telephone line outside office hours
  • Provision of repair company telephone numbers in case of emergency