Who we are?


In 1989, Marcel Grau Montané, Toni Armengol Naudi and Joan Gabriel Estany established the firm of Projectes i Inversions, owner of the property company that would become known under the trading name of Massandor. With Marcel’s experience (more than 20 years in the sector), Toni’s vision and Joan’s hard work, then, they embarked on this new challenge, teaming up with Sussi Lage.

The core business revolved around purchase and sale, which represented 100% of the new company’s operations. Advertising was by word of mouth, as well as occasional advertisements placed in the Spanish press, such as the newspaper La Vanguardia.

As with all companies in those days, communication was written and sent by fax or ordinary mail. It is impossible to understand the company today without taking into account such people as Maribel Nadal, whose influence is still felt, particularly as regards customer relations, visions and business model, even within a scenario of constant modernisation.

The company operated commercial offices open to the public, staffed by a maximum of two people to ensure property services. Those were the early days of a firm that, over time, has become a large enterprise.